Dual detox machine

Can detox one OR  two people at a time

Comes with :

Machine * Carrying case

2 arrays * 2 Fir belts

2 Wrist straps * User manual

1 year warranty

110-220V         11 pounds

16’L X 6”W X 11”H


Cost  $400.00

Shipping included in price

  How It Works
 Over millions of years the human body has evolved into a highly complex and finely balanced machine. It is capable of a  remarkable range of tasks and has developed durability against nature’s forces.  Unfortunately our technology and society  has evolved much faster in the last hundred years than our bodies.  We are now exposed daily to higher levels of  contaminants, toxins, stresses and manmade substances than ever before, and our bodies simply can’t evolve fast enough to cope.

For the human body to function efficiently the bio- system within it must be balanced. The body must be able to process  toxins and waste products at a rate equal to, or faster than they enter the system. In our modern lives this is not the case and as a result the balance of our bodies has shifted. We are fighting a constant biological battle, not always  successfully. The detox ion generator foot bath provides a way by which science and technology can be used to help the  body win this biological battle and restore itself to a balanced state. This technology assists the body in processing  and ultimately eliminating toxins and waste products to restore a healthy balanced system. It is even possible for this technology to assist the body in getting rid of manmade substances for which there is no natural processing capability. The human body controls the proliferation of toxins and other undesirable substances with the use of Epithelial Barrier  Cells such as those which line the cardiovascular system. These barrier cells are polarised so as to allow nutrients to pass through while repelling toxins. This process ensures that toxins and other undesirable substances remain within the bloodstream until they can be eliminated by the immune system, or processed by the appropriate organs such as the liver  and kidneys.

Disruption to the balance of the system occurs when the workload of the processing organs is too high or the organs in question simply can’t process the substances present.  In the case of overworked organs, requests are made by the organs using the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems for more resources. The body then channels energy and  resources away from other activities to satisfy the request.  The outcome of this process is a general rundown feeling  and a reduced capacity to combat bacterial and viral infections which may be as simple as a common cold.

In the case of an inability of a given organ to process a substance the result is that the substance in question is  placed into storage, but given that the organ lacks the capability to ever process it, in storage it remains. The principle of how the detox system works starts with the well established process of Electrolysis.  If you place two electrical rods in a conductive solution and use a current source to make electricity flow between them then particles are created to carry the electricity. These carrier particles are called Ions.

It is important to understand that these Ions are polarized. Negative Ions move towards the positive rod (Anode) and positive Ions move towards the negative rod (Cathode).   The detox foot bath uses these Ions as will be explained later, but first they need to be created in an environment which is safe.

The problem is that storage space is finite, and has evolved to allow the body to deal with short term influxes of toxins  such as when fighting of illness. With the bodies natural overflow capability already filled with toxins which can’t be  processed, an influx of toxins would remain in the bloodstream and could cause blood poisoning (septicaemia). In addition the now overworked organs cause the previously described situation.

This has lead to the continued development and use of more powerful antibiotics to assist the body. If however the body  could be re-balanced it is perfectly capable of dealing with the problems naturally.  Industrial Electrolysis is used in  many important applications but in many cases the chemical cocktails used to produce the Ions would be too dangerous. In addition there are complications to producing sufficient Ions from water alone.

A molecule of water consists of two Hydrogen atoms attached to one Oxygen atom (H2O).  Molecules of water are attracted to each other due to the polarity of the atoms. This attraction is strong and normally only broken by heating the water to a  temperature where it becomes steam.  Common table salt consists of one Sodium atom attached to one Chlorine atom (NaCl), these atoms are attracted to each other due to their opposing polarity.  However if the salt is added to the water the  attraction between the atoms of the salt and the molecules of water is stronger than the attraction between the atoms of the salt alone and they separate. In addition the attraction between the water molecules is weakened by their attraction to the salt atoms. The result is a destabilized saline solution which if carefully controlled can be readily and safely Ionized.  A detox foot bath therapy session therefore starts with the controlled mixing of a warm saline solution in the footbath (the reason for exposing the feet is explained later).  

Submerged in the water of the footbath is an innovatively designed custom Ion Generator (array). This device in conjunction  with the control electronics starts a regulated electrolysis process within the Ion Generator. The reaction which takes place generates bi-products such as Chlorine, Hydrogen and Oxygen. The net balance of the reactions taking place have a  remainder, these are free Ions which escape from the Ion Generator into the footbath.  

The human body uses pores in the skin to dispose of some unwanted substances from the system. These pores are most intensive on the hands, feet and under the arms, which is why these are the first areas of the body to perspire.   The detox foot bath uses the feet as a convenient access point to the maximum number pores, also due to the fact that  there are a significant number of blood vessels close to the surface of the feet.

The user’s feet are submerged in the warm footbath and salt is added with the guidance of the control electronics. Regulated ionization of the resulting saline solution then begins within the array and free Ions are released into the footbath which circulate around the users feet.

The free Ions attach to the pores of the feet and temporarily depolarize the barrier cells of the blood vessels, this  allows toxins to pass through the barrier.  

However once through the barrier the polarized toxins are attracted to the polarized Ion and the two combine to form a compound molecule. This new molecule is now heavy and falls away from the pore into the footbath, a new free Ion now attaches to the pore of the foot and the process continues. 

A detox foot bath therapy session is timed for 30 minutes this is due to the fact the blood in an average human body will circulate completely in approximately 20-25 minutes. Therefore in one session all the blood in the body will have  passed through the feet.  

Following the drop of toxins in the bloodstream the organs speed up the processing of remaining toxins, taking toxins  out of storage for processing and turning their attention to other ailments, which may have been neglected due to  workload on existing toxins.  

Users may find therefore a short term drop in energy levels due to the increased processing, but this will normally only last for a few hours. As the systems rebalance however the organs relax and users experience a significant increase in  energy levels and a general feeling of well-being.  

This increased energy will gradually reduce as stored toxins are brought out for processing, however with regular detox  foot bath therapy session energy levels will remain higher for longer as the overall toxin levels are reduced.  

The electrolysis reaction which takes place in the Ion Generator produces a number of by-products including those from the gradual breakdown of the generator itself. Many of these by-products are colored and as the therapy session progresses the  footbath water will change to a light (tea) brown regardless of the presence of feet, this is known as the base color.   Many of the toxin compounds formed during the process are colorless, however some do have color which can be seen against the base color. During the session it is often possible to see yellow and green substances in suspension or floating on the  surface of the water, some toxin compounds join with the by-products of the Ion Generator and darken the base color producing dark brown or black substances in suspension.  

Manmade toxins are usually derivatives of naturally occurring substances as a result of an industrial process used to serve  some other process, namely they are industrial by-products. Electrolysis can be used in many cases to convert these substances back to their natural form.  

For example as discussed earlier water consists of two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom (H2O). This is its natural form, however under manmade conditions Hydrogen can exist in two forms 1H (Hydrogen) and 2H (Deuterium).  

Water can therefore exit as light water 1H2O normally just referred to as H2O which is Hydrogen Oxide or heavy water 2H2O  which is Deuterium Oxide (D2O).  

While these two substances look the same, taste the same and behave similar to biological organisms they are VERY  different. Plants watered with heavy water will die, seeds will not germinate and animals that drink only heavy water will die of dehydration.  

This is because biological organisms such as the human body simply can not process Deuterium Oxide. While the body thinks  it has water to use it cannot do anything with it, nor can it be processed for disposal as waste, it can only be stored as  previously detailed.  

One effect on humans of the presence of Deuterium Oxide is that the body detects water and does not trigger the urge to  take in more. However because the body can not use the water, a form of mild dehydration occurs and it is suggested that this is linked to the premature signs of aging.  

Due to modern water treatment methods, Deuterium Oxide exists at a concentration concretively estimated at 1:6000 in our tap water. This means that for every 6000 glasses of tap water a person drinks, 1 glass full is pure Deuterium Oxide.

   There is a method for converting heavy water to light (natural) water and this involves the use of electrolysis and the Ions it produces.  

A detox foot bath therapy session therefore has the same components and processes necessary to convert heavy water to  light water which the body can then use. It is feasible therefore that this conversion could halt or even reverse the signs of premature aging.  

Each detox foot bath therapy session will assist the body in removing toxins from the system, but for new users the body will replace these with toxins from storage. It is recommended for new users therefore that eight to ten sessions are done with not less than 48 hours between each session to assist the body in clearing the system and storage.  

For existing users the build up of new toxins would denote the use of one or two sessions per month to keep the systems  clear and prevent the body from the need to store excess or manmade toxins to the detox foot bath therapy being electrical in nature it is not recommended for persons who have Pacemakers or any form of heart condition.  The detox  foot bath therapy is not recommended for use by pregnant women as the natural and healthy processes of pregnancy maintains substances in the bloodstream which could be electrically interpreted as toxins, but which are necessary for the body during this time.

The detox foot bath therapy is not recommended for persons under the age of 10 years as they are unlikely to need the  therapy and their systems are more dynamic than that of adults.  

As The detox foot bath therapy is assisting the body in the removal of substances from the system it is advised to drink plenty of good quality bottled water during a session. This will provide the body with material to replace the missing  volume of substances.  


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