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A wrist band is placed on the wrist, which sends electrical stimulation through the body, which pushes the fluids through the body. Your feet are placed in warm water with an ionizer, which creates negatively charged ions. These ions create a pull effect, drawing the toxins out through the pores of the feet.  The technology is based on Reflexology, where every part of the body can be accessed through the feet. As the body flushes every cell and organ, the water will change in color and texture during the 30 minute detox.

Users may find a short term drop in energy levels due to the increased processing. This will last for only a few hours. As the body system rebalances,  the client experiences a significant increase in energy levels and a general feeling of well being.

The benefits are many and our list keeps growing! Here are a few of the most common:

• Slows down the aging process  • Improves flexibility  •  Rejuvenates & energizes the body  • Enhances nutrient absorption • Improves the ability to cleanse the body  • Improves sleep  •  Helps balance the immune system  •  Helps relieve pain and tension  • Helps with weight loss 



 The actually detox is 30 minutes.



​You should detox every other day for 3 weeks.  Take a week off, then start over.  Detoxing flushes the organs, and the body is able to restore itself; feeling more energetic and balanced. If you are feeling sluggish, constantly tired, achy or like you are coming down with something, it is time to detox.


                                                 Detox Foot Spa   

          Restores & Maintains Health   Utilizing Cutting Edge Technology 




Good Health is actually state of the body. Energy starts with our cells. What goes on at the cellular level inside the body is the key to how we feel and approach life every day.

Our bodies first line of defense, is a called The Auto Regulatory System. Here the liver, kidneys, skin, and mucous membranes (respiratory, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary system) come to our aid attempting to expel toxins. Toxins can adhere to certain organs, scarring the tissue which in effect holds the toxins in place. The purpose of the detox is to help mobilize The Auto Regulatory System and make it an efficient system of toxin removal. If the Auto Regulatory System is unsuccessful in the elimination of toxins, the next line of defense takes over.

Extracellular Matrix or The Ground Regulation System Level, is where the body tries to protect us by storing the toxins in the connective or fat tissues until the toxins can be dealt with. Toxins can stay in the body for many years, as this matrix process is not easily reversed. The Lymphatic System is the only way toxins can drain from the matrix. The inflammatory response is stimulated by these stored toxins, leading to a stress pattern that manifests as chronic pain and inflammation.

The last line of defense is The Cell, which represents the "chronic" level. Our cells are subjected to disease when the first two lines of defense can’t handle or eliminate toxins from our body.  The toxins bind to cellular structures and interrupt cellular respiration.

Detox Foot Spa Theory of Operation

Optimum Energetic Detox Foot Spa System is using water electrolysis process to create an osmosis process interacting with the body to move cellular waste out of the body and to rejuvenate the body’s intercellular function.

Ionization of water or water electrolysis is a process by which water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of a direct electric current and an electrolyte (NACL salt). Electrolysis of water is what’s called a Redox Reaction. This means that electrons are being moved from one molecule to another. To elect​rolyze water, you need with electrodes, the cathode (negative) and anode (positive). This would be the water module of the footbath unit. You also need to dissolve sodium chloride (salt) in the water to improve its conductivity.

Detox Foot Spa creates a cleansed and restored life of the cell and the intercellular fluid, and allows the body to do what it does best  “REPAIR AND RESTORE ITSELF".

To further understand how this works you must first understand how DC (direct current) works!!!!!  Footbath electrolysis units are using direct current. This is necessary to create the electrolysis process. Direct Current or Direct Electric Current is the continuous movement of electrons from negative to positive through a conducting material such as a metal wire. A direct circuit is necessary to allow the current (or steam of electrons) to flow. The current flows from the negative to positive. Remember the Cathode (negative) depletes the metal and the Anode (positive) attracts where a build up occurs, so when the positive switches to receiving the negative, making it now the negative, it then releases all the build up back into the water. Through this process you are releasing the toxins back into the water.




















































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